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HONORS IMPLEMENTATION - The Honors Implementation Guide will serve as a framework to guide teachers, principals and Local Education Agencies in developing and locally reviewing honors level courses. The Implementation Guide includes a Honors Level Course Rubric to help educators prepare a course that is to receive honors level weight. The purpose of this rubric is to clearly define what makes an honors level course different from a standard level course. The rubric assesses how the curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices are adapted for advanced learners. The honors level rubric will serve as the foundation for the revision of the Honors Implementation Guide in the fall of 2012.

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UNDERSTANDING THE HONORS COURSE REVIEW PROCESS - Process diagram honors.jpgThe Honors review process is a LEA process which encompasses the practices, policies and procedures that a LEA puts in place in a school district. The process of making decisions about the curriculum for a honors course, designing a framework for how the local school district will support, review, and approve its honors courses is 100% determined by the teachers and central office of the LEA, not NCDPI.

The state-level review process is intended to provide feedback and support to strengthen honors level courses for continuous program improvement. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction does not develop processes for the LEA to follow. The LEA develops its own processes. The process is 100% developed and implemented according to the needs and requirements outlined by the local education agency (LEA).

NCDPI has provided several resources to help LEAs in developing their outline narrative describing their processes for implementation. The narrative detailing an LEAs processes is submitted to NCDPI using an Assurance Form document that will be uploaded to the NC Education Online Moodle. A checklist of things to consider in developing a process for developing, reviewing and approving portfolios at the local level is included among the resources below.

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