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HONORS IMPLEMENTATION - The Honors Implementation Guide will serve as a framework to guide teachers, principals and Local Education Agencies in developing and locally reviewing honors level courses. The Implementation Guide includes a Honors Level Course Rubric to help educators prepare a course that is to receive honors level weight. The purpose of this rubric is to clearly define what makes an honors level course different from a standard level course. The rubric assesses how the curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices are adapted for advanced learners. The Implementation Guide provides social studies teachers developing the curriculum for a honors level course with a Honors Template - Blank Copy as well as the current North Carolina State Board of Education Honors Policy - (Policy ID Number GCS-L-004).

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SOCIAL STUDIES EXAMPLES - The SAMPLES posted in the table above have been provided as possible examples of what each of the three sections of a honors portfolio for might look like. By providing these SAMPLES the social studies section at NCDPI is in no way communicating that these documents are perfect, that they are the only models to be considered, or that their framework and structure should be copied for the development of a teacher’s social studies honors portfolio. These SAMPLES are not intended to be documents to be replicated step by step.

These SAMPLES are intended to provide examples of how the three sections of a quality honors portfolio for a social studies course might present the written rationale justifying how the honors level course is different from a standard level course. Each SAMPLE is intended to show how what is written and provided as evidence makes it clear to the reader how and why the course extends and enriches beyond the NCSCOS while providing academic rigor appropriate for advanced learners. The SAMPLES provided are just that, SAMPLES. Link to the table to access Exemplar Samples.

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